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"Boardingware is excellent. The system is user friendly for students, parents and staff"

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Boardingware gives students a modern boarding experience that makes it simple and easy for them to follow required procedures, communicate with staff, and maximise opportunities for growth and personal development.

Outcomes Delivered

  • Modern boarding experience
  • Optimised care and support
  • Improved sense of security
“Almost straight away my staff picked it up and the pupils and their parents really liked it which was a big factor in the decision because having their buy in is crucial to making anything like this work.”
Steve Gardner
Head of Boarding at The Harefield Academy

Modern experience for students in the digital age

Today’s students are born to be digital, so give them a modern boarding experience they’re used to. Boardingware provides students with a simple and intuitive system to engage with leave requests, activity sign-ups, sign-in/out, attendance and more…

More conversations and quality face-time

Let Boardingware take care of the boring details so staff can have more quality face-time and conversations with students that are less transactional and more personal.

Optimised care to support student development

Data and insights help to empower boarding staff to optimise their care and provide students with the support they need to reach their full potential.

Student-centered safety

Students are safer when we can keep track of their whereabouts. With Boardingware, schools can implement processes to keep track of student movements without making them feel like they’re under constant observation.

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