Boardingware for Your Students


Students love Boardingware because they have more freedom and flexibility to live independently, making boarding a more enjoyable experience. There's no confusion or miscommunication when submitting a leave request, self-service check-outs are effortless and students can view/update their profile at anytime.

Straight-forward weekend leave process for students

Requesting weekend leave or off-campus exeats has never been simpler for students. With just a few clicks, students simply select the type of leave they wish to take, fill in the required information and click submit right from their mobile device - It's that easy.

Saved Leaves

Students can save leave details for routine leave requests. This means all the details will ba automatically filled out.

Automatic Notifcations

Leave requests will be automatically sent to parents, guardians and hosts for them to approve or decline.

Pending Requests

Students can view details of their pending leave requests. They can see their approval status and also communicate with staff and parents.

Terms and Conditions

Students agree to the terms and conditions you define every time they request leave. This is great for your schools and legal records.

Hassle-free daily sign-in sign-out

Daily sign-in/out is fun and easy with Boardingware. Set up a hands-free kiosk for your students to use independently or maintain face-to-face communication with your mobile device.

Kiosk mode

Lock your tablet in kiosk mode and let your students sign themselves in and out. Control which leave types they can use and receive instant updates when they sign in/out so you always know where they are.

in person sign out

Maintain important face-to-face communication with your boarding students by signing them out in-person from your Boardingware account.

Remote sign out

Add even more flexibility and allow your students to sign out remotely via their mobile device.

Manage contact information

Students can easily view, update and sync information from their own Boardingware account

account information

Students can view their own personal information and set their own pin codes for kiosk mode.

Contact information

Students can update their contact details so you don't have to manually update any contact information yourself.

Leave History

Students can view a history of their pending, approved and declined leave requests.

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