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Student Care
student care

Uncover Actionable Insights

Analyse your data to uncover insights and trends with your student activity


Analyse what has been happening?

The interactive graph provides you with an overview of your students activity over time. You can use the graph to analyse trends and patterns for leave, attendance and pastoral activity to answer important questions like...

When are students using certain leave types...? What have been the most popular destinations in the last 7 days...? Have there been any peaks in negative or positive pastoral activity this term...? When are the biggest peaks in absences occurring...?


Identify who needs help

The interactive list report provides you with the opportunity to dive deep into your data and identify issues that are associated with particular students. You can generate a list report to answer important questions like...

Which students accumulated the most absences last week...? Which students accumulated the most disciplinary pastoral records this term...? How many students participated in your resident field trips this week...?

custom reports

export data to create custom reports

Once you've generated a graph or list report with the insights tool, you can export your data as a .csv file and use it to create custom reports in excel for your next performance review or file them away for record keeping.

"We have greatly appreciated the simplicity that Boardingware has provided in helping us create a safe and healthy campus"

Marcia Yochum,
Dean of Students at Virginia Episcopal School

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