Student Accountability

Keep Track of Pastoral Activity

Record, organise and share pastoral records to ensure your students get the support they need

Pastoral care

Deliver quality care for every student

Keeping track of your studentsĀ behavioural activity will help to provide you with a clearer understanding of their emotional and spiritual well-being.

Boardingware gives you one place to track, store and access all this information so you can provide the right kind of support, to the right students, at the right time.

Pastoral Records

Track pastoral activity on the move

Don't wait till you get back to your desk to fill out paperwork. Use the Boardingware mobile app to record, track and access all your student pastoral information whilst your on the move.


Keep an eye on students that need close attention

When your students are constantly misbehaving, feeling unwell or experiencing mental health problems, you can keep them under careful observation by adding them to a watchlist that all of your staff can access.

With everyone on the same page, your staff will be ready to react and able to provide the right kind care and support.

"Now that we have Boardingware, our record keeping has been so simple and consistent... Whether it's health issues or signing students in and out, there is a record that's kept for every action and it's wonderful."

Marie de Jesus,
Director of Diversity & Student Affairs at Thomas Jefferson School

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