Safety and Compliance

Staff Management

Control and manage staff user permissions, access controls and historical activity

Staff profiles

Control staff user permissions

With staff profiles, you decide how you want your staff to access, manage and edit data in Boardingware.

You can choose to provide administrator access or choose to restrict access to student groups, houses and features to protect the privacy and integrity of your student data.

Access control

Protect your data from unwanted access

Administrators can monitor staff activity and their number of open sessions. If you suspect that an account has been compromised, you can choose to end all sessions, temporarily suspend users or delete their account completely to prevent any unwanted access.

Audit Log

Monitor daily actions and minimise risk

Boardingware maintains a chronological record of everything that has happened for you to reference whenever you need to.

Every single action that occurs in Boardingware is automatically captured, timestamped and matched to the user responsible, giving you evidence of everything that has happened.

"We have seasoned people who have been here 30, 40, 50 years, they're not necessarily prone to using technology... but they really enjoy using Boardingware."

Kristina Bethea,
Dean of Students at St Margaret's School

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