Staff Management

Manage your staff's personal information, data permissions and access to specific features.

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View staff profiles

Staff profiles give you a place to view and manage all their basic personal information, user-restrictions and recent activity

Set user-restrictions

Control what your staff users can and can't do inside of Boardingware. Restrict certain actions, access to student data and use of specific features.

View recent staff activity

View a concise record of your staff's login history to quickly check who was online and when.

Manage staff sessions

Quickly see how many sessions each staff member is logged into at any one time.

End all sessions

In the case of an emergency, you can protect your data by quickly logging a staff member out of every device they are currently logged into.

Edit, suspend & delete staff acounts

Administrators can edit staff accounts at anytime. They can also suspend, delete or re-activate their accounts if need be.

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