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Streamline daily administration and centralise core information into one place, so you always have access to the insights you need to account for students, identify risks and deliver exceptional care.

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With Boardingware you can

Automate and streamline daily workflows

Free duty staff from the administrative burden that comes with managing boarding students, so they can spend their time on more important responsibilities.

Achieve a single-source of truth

Boardingware organises all your boarding information into one single platform so you always have one reliable source of truth to see what's happening.

Accurately account for students in real-time

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can account for your students whenever and wherever you need to.

Enhance student care

Enhance your capacity to care for students with access to actionable insights, real-time updates and notifications.

"Empowering all adults with a digital platform to instantly update information about student location has increased our ability to know where students are. This has been the most helpful in terms of increasing communication and capacity."

Allie Maxwell, Director of Residential Life

Why Boardingware?

We’re obsessed with delivering a solution boarding and duty staff love.

Simple, intuitive design

Not tech-savvy? No problem. Our system is designed to be so simple and easy-to-use that anyone can pick it up. Seriously!

Customisable Workflows

Every boarding school operates slightly differently. Whatever your needs are, you decide how to customise your workflows to make boarding an even better experience for staff, students and parents.

24 / 7 Customer Support

With a global support team and 20 min average response time, we're always here for you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

See why the worlds best boarding schools rely on Boardingware to account, care and safeguard students.

We have greatly appreciated the simplicity that Boardingware has provided in helping us create a safe and healthy campus. The simple process of sign ins at meals and on dorm have actually allowed faculty to get to know new students quicker, and facilitated more student and faculty connection as it requires less time to account for where students are.

Marcia Yochum
Dean of Students, Virginia Episcopal School

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