Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Cloud security at Boardingware is of extreme importance. As a Boardingware customer you will benefit from Boardingware’s service with an ongoing subscription fee that equates to a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than traditional on-premise software. Equally important, is the rapid development, support, and feature-set that could only be available via the internet. While there are many more benefits to hosting Boardingware in the cloud, it is meaningless without the correct focus on security.

Read on to find out more about how we secure your Boardingware environment.

Multi-Regional Storage

Boardingware operates 11 availability zones within 3 Geographic Regions around the world.

Region and Availability Zones
  • USA
    N.Virginia (5)
  • Europe
    Ireland (3)
  • APAC
    Sydney (3)
You Decide

Schools can choose to save their data in any one of these three regions. All data relating to the school, including data generated from users accessing the service elsewhere in the world will be stored in the school’s chosen geographical region. This can help schools comply with each of their countries data sovereignty regulations which may discourage them from storing data outside their country or economic zone.

Protecting your data

Secure Data Centres

Robust physical security controls to prevent physical access to servers 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance by on-site security staff and regular ongoing security audits Fully redundant electrical power system Backup generators for entire facility in case of electrical failure Redundant network access points, housed in separate facilities

Network protection

Boardingware takes a “defense in depth” approach to protecting our system and customer data. Multiple layers of security controls, including security group firewalls, routers and Access Control Lists are implemented according to industry best practice and AWS recommendations. By partnering with certified cloud consultants, we are able to leverage their expertise to ensure our security with regular reviews of our systems.

Data Encryption

All data transferred between the client and Boardingware is encrypted using industry standard TLS (Transport Layer Security). Any non-secure requests are automatically redirected to the secure port. Data is also encrypted while at rest when stored on our servers.

User authentication

All client access into Boardingware requires authentication through username and password, with access being revoked after a preset timeout.